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Vintage Wallpaper HD

1.79 usd

Add personality and individuality to your phone with real vintage wallpaper. Choose between 9 stylish retro wallpapers from the 40'ties and 70'ties and add wear and tear if you seek a more rough look.This wallpaper is the perfect finish for your phone if you like charming Polaroid photos or use vintage applications like: instagram, pixlr-o-matic, Retro Clock Widget or Retro Camera!Vintage Wallpaper HD uses high resolution samples of real life wallpaper which assures a crisp finish for both phones with small screens as well as high density tablets like ASUS Transformer Prime or the Samsung Galaxy tab.Unlike other Live Wallpapers Vintage Wallpaper is simple and do not need to update all the time. This results in significantly less battery used and hence longer battery life!PLEASE SEND ME A EMAIL IF YOU EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS. I am able to REFUND you if you help me to discover the problem.To activate a Live Wallpaper: Navigate to your home screen > press menu button > select "Wallpaper" > select "Live Wallpapers".Please do not hesitate to send feedback if you experience any problems or have any requests.-Features:- Choose between currently 9 different wallpapers (More to come)- Scale the patterns so that the wallpaper fits your liking- Add shadows to create a sense of depth on your home screen- Add dust and scratches.--- Response to comments: ---Tiling wallpaper problem >>Sorry, The problem you where refering too was caused by an error in the "Blue and Green flower" wallpaper. The problem should be fixed now. Please update your comment if it works or please send me an email, so we can work it out.
GS2 user who's experiencing lag>> I'm sry for your experience. I have done cpu profiling and can't find your problem - currently most users of this wallpaper is using it on a GS2. So perhaps it is a problem with your phone? But send me an email so we can find the problem.I will gladly refund you.